Monday, June 24, 2013

Feliz cumpleaños, Esposo!

Consider me fallen off the blogging bandwagon. 

I'll be back, I swear. I've had a draft on TextEdit summarizing thoroughly describing the events of our day of flying back to the U.S. from Mexico for the past three weeks. Seriously. I swear I'm going to finish documenting what happened those last seven hours. Really, I swear. Just, eventually.

For now, I want to say HAPPY 28TH BIRTHDAY Husband!

Cute patoot. 

We've already celebrated with gifts from me on Friday, eating out at the restaurant of his choice and stuffing our faces with homemade blueberry crisp courtesy of his wonderful mother on Saturday, kind of celebrating with my family through celebrating my niece's 7th birthday at Chuck E. Cheese's (Husband's first time ever experiencing the token and ticket goodness) on Sunday, and brunching here post-exam this morning. The rest of the afternoon will be spent working (me) and West-Wing-watching / napping / studying (him) and then we're off to stuff ourselves with pizza and hang out with some of Husband's friends from college for the night. 

On the docket for updates on the blog include:
- The summary of our day of flying back home from Querétaro
- Celebrating Husband's and my 4th anniversary
- Summer break thus far - welcoming the first niece / grandchild on Husband's side of the family, battle wounds from being attacked by my friends' cat, strawberry picking with my sister and her family, working as a research assistant, etc. 

One last note - we're dog sitting for Husband's mom and stepdad as they're off visiting their newest little addition to the family and I must say this pupper is quite cute: