The Reason

Wife on the left.
Husband on the right.
She's a nursing student.
He's a medical student. 
They're married...
...but they don't didn't live together (for a whole stinkin' school year).

I decided to start this blog in the fall of 2012 as a way of documenting the everyday things that go on in my life for Husband to read during our time of separation as well as creating a space to look back on and remember this unique time in our lives. 

Husband is a first year medical student and I am in the throes of nursing school with three two one! semesters left. Unfortunately, our respective schools are about 45 minutes to an hour away from each other depending on traffic. Yes , we realize this is common in many large cities where people often commute at least an hour to work. However, since Husband's school does not recommend a long commute for studying time purposes and I am picky hesitant not confident uncomfortable with long drives in snowy weather (we live in west Michigan, where the weather is unpredictable at least six of the nine months out of the academic year), we decided to live apart and separately live five minutes away from each of our schools. Our hope is that next fall during my last semester of school (when I am not required nearly as much to be present on campus) I will be able to secure an internship position at a hospital in his school's city and the two of us can resume living together.

**Update as of June 2013: After my three week hiatus from the good ol' US of A when I was working in Mexico, I returned to our little rental home and resumed living with Husband FOR GOOD. While we are now living together and there is no need to keep up with the blog for purposes of keeping him updated on my daily life, I plan to continue to blog as a "virtual scrapbook" of our life. So, fear not, vast internet! Nicole is here to (intermittently) stay!**


  1. Sad face. I could not imagine living away from Jessica.

  2. Husband here! It's definitely not easy, but Wife visits at least once each week when her clinical experiences bring her in my neck of the woods, and I make it back her way every other weekend or so by train, so at least we get to see each other some of the time. Like I said, it's not easy - but we really appreciate the time together when we get it! While obviously not ideal, the arrangement does help each of us focus and (hopefully?) do well in our classes. Silver linings aside, I am looking forward to living full-time under the same roof again!