Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Things as of late...

…in photo form, naturally. 

Husband usually takes photos of me sleeping. I finally captured him on camera! Doesn't he just look so snuggly? 

My sister and her family welcomed child #4 to their home! Here he is with some proud siblings :) 

Husband and I discovered THE BEST froyo place just a mile from our new rental house. So good but so bad at the same time, considering how much we'll be there in the summer (and pretty much year-round, since I'm always up for a good cup o' froyo…)

My partner in crime for my current clinical and I gave our big presentation this week. It felt great to get that done and out of the way! 

WARNING: The next photo is pretty nasty. 

Finally, I know this is just about THE GROSSEST thing EVER, but I had to post a photo for documentation purposes. Pictured below are some major chunks of cerumen (read: earwax) that had been lodged in my right ear canal and plugging everything up for three days after I tried removing it with regular hydrogen peroxide, leaving me nearly deaf in that ear. However, after using this handy dandy earwax removal kit for a day and a half, all the junk came out and I could hear again! Upon clearing everything out, I literally shouted, "I CAN HEAR AGAIN!" 

I am not ashamed.

Exciting, eh? 


  1. Sickest thing you've ever posted. By far.

  2. Oh my, yuck.....��
    Love the other pics, though