Sunday, December 2, 2012

5 years ago & so close...

First, can we just take a second and look at this precious photo of Husband and me?

This was taken almost exactly five years ago, when we first started officially dating. 
Who knew we'd be where we are today? Not me, that's for sure. Or Husband. But we've grown so much, individually and with each other, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

I love you, Husband. 
Here's many more "five years" together. 

Anyway, enough of the mushy stuff...

A weekend in review!

1. Friday night = date night

Husband and I checked out a new restaurant in town and LOVED it. It actually was the restaurant where we had our rehearsal dinner, but that closed down a few years ago and someone decided to pretty much re-open it but with a different name. The interior looks almost exactly the same with a few structural changes, but the same Italian atmosphere is still there just now with better lighting and an actual bar. Afterward, we headed out to the best grocery store ever to pick up some sweets and munchies and headed over to the movie theater for the new Bond movie. To both of our surprise, I ended up liking it nearly just as much as Husband! My great dislike for action movies is slowly but surely fading, I guess

2. Saturday = honors & laziness

Bright and early Saturday morning I was inducted into Sigma Theta Tau, the national nursing honor society. There was a nice big breakfast and then students from area schools were inducted and several professors were honored. Unfortunately, I didn't really prepare very well so Husband only snapped a few low-quality-thanks-to-the-poor-lighting shots with his phone. Thus, you will not be seeing any documentation of my five seconds onstage shaking my professor's hand or receiving my honor cords. Sorry, Mom. Just kidding, I guess. Husband decided to include some edited ones in this post.

Once we got back home, Husband flopped onto the bed and promptly fell asleep for the next four or so hours. I, on the other hand, settled in with some dark chocolate-covered pomegranate bits and enjoyed two full episodes of my new favorite television series. It's so crazily addicting. I'm not even kidding you. Husband and I have even taken to referring to one another as m'lord and m'lady. Well, not really, but that would be fun… In fact, it is so addicting that after finishing up some actually very little…oops…homework, Husband convinced me to settle in on the couch with a big blanket, a bunch of pillows, a snack, and the remote controls and finish out the first season. So relaxing. So irresponsible. So worth it. 

3. Sunday = sad day

Really, Sundays are always sad days because that's when Husband and I have to part ways and get back to the grind of the academic week. These days are always a little more tense (not between us, just in the atmosphere because of the impending farewells), a little quieter, and definitely always a bit more gloomy. 

HOWEVER, with this week we are entering the final week of classes for this semester. Final. Week. And next week? Next week is final exams week. And then? FREEDOM. I never thought this last stretch would come. I know when January rolls around, I'll have the same attitude with the end of the year itself being so far away (which is when Husband and I will be reunited FOR GOOD [hallelujah] ), but at least with the end of this semester we have our super-amazingly-awesomeness of a vacation to look forward to. 

Burnin' out
Good thing we have less than two weeks left. 


  1. Is that Via Maria?

    And I took the wife to see "Skyfall" on Saturday night. It might be one of the five best Bond movies ever.

    1. It is! Have you gone to the "new" restaurant yet? And yes, "Skyfall" was probably one of the better Bond movies I've seen (which I think is a total of two soooo my opinion doesn't really count for anything...).

  2. This post made me smile...a lot :)

  3. Congrats! Looking forward to seeing you this week!