Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Turkey, Vomit, Eleanor, Cookies, etc.

Yikes, it's been a while…

Thanksgiving break has come and gone and while it would have been an opportune time for me to take lots of pictures of food and blog for memory's sake, I fully indulged in my time away from school and anything academic and just chilled

What exactly did this entail for about four days straight?

I crocheted this headband.
I began a sewing project for my family's annual homemade Christmas gift exchange. 
I discovered this television series….and wish I had more time to continue! (that's what Christmas break is for!)
I decorated Christmas cookies with my mom-in-law.
I sat through half of a musical and walked out at intermission - something I've NEVER done in my life…mom-in-law and Husband and I were THAT unimpressed by it… 
I played lots of WordSeek on the iPad.
I ate my weight in food. 
I chased my little chocolate labradinger (labrador / golden retriever / springer spaniel mix) of a dog around the house several times each day. 

One thing I (luckily) didn't have to do was clean up vomit. Very close call, though, as explained by Husband here. He was feeling more than a little under the weather for a lot of the weekend, and the poor thing always made it to the bathroom just in time. What a champ

And now here's a random assortment of photos over the last couple of weeks to give a small update on life:

Eleanor officially became part of our family last week! Husband also ordered me a ridiculously cool custom license plate, which I will take a photo of and feature in about 2-3 weeks when it arrives! We have a fun for for somewhat matching license plates in the future once Husband's done with school...
She also got some new car seat covers since the interior was a little beat up due to the previous owners having two kids and two dogs = minor disaster central. It looks clean and sleek on the inside now, though, with a Yankee Candle air freshener in my favorite scent (pineapple cilantro, in case you're curious…which I'm sure you are…) to boot!
I made this fun card for some people to congratulate them on their pregnancy. Needless to say, creating this was a nice study break!

Mom-in-law's and my wonderful cookie creations made for a fun, relaxing, and bonding time for the two of us on Saturday :)

Now I just have to survive another week and a half of classes and three final exams and then it's a week of vacation time for Husband and me in Punta Cana (SO. FLIPPING. EXCITED) and another two and a half weeks of break for the holidays!


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