Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Update - Summer 2013 thus far!


Blogging has not sounded appealing in the least for the past month and a half. BUT I need to kick my rear back in gear because it's SUMMERTIME for goodness sake and I actually have time to write and document. 

So, here it is.

1) Anniversary. Specifically, mine and Husband's of four years of marriage. 

Each year Husband has given gifts in accordance to the list of traditional gifts. Year 1 (paper) involved commissioned artwork capturing one of our engagement photos with colored pencil with professional matting. Year 2 (cotton) has honestly been forgotten. Whoops! For the life of us, neither Husband nor I can remember what was given! Yes, we are ashamed. However, Year 3 (leather) makes up in the memory department because he bought me a real, honest to goodness, bright red, leather kate spade purse that is perfection in the form of a handbag. Wonderful

Since the fourth year's traditional gift is "fruit and flowers," it was a bit difficult to figure out what he'd do creativity-wise. However, he definitely came through with a gorgeous bouquet of roses, lilies, and gerber daisies awaiting me when I arrived home from the airport at 12:30am on the day of our anniversary. In addition to the flowers, he fulfilled the "fruit" portion of the gift with my favorite dried fruits (chocolate-covered edition, of course) and later that weekend we headed over to the Melting Pot for some delicious melted cheese and chocolate yumminess. 

(apologies for the low-quality photo courtesy of my iPhone)

2) Strawberry picking. Since Husband was still in the throes of his summer semester throughout June, I entertained myself in a number of ways. Not only was I working full-time during the weekdays, but I also found things to do on the weekends - such as strawberry picking with my sister and her family. It was so much fun digging around with this troop! And let it be officially known that I am a perfectionist when berry picking, as it takes me twice as long to get half the amount of berries that a family of five (four? The baby doesn't really count since he even hold his own head up completely yet) collects altogether. 

3) We have a new niece! This is the FIRST grandchild on Husband's side of the family and they're just a teeny bit happy SUPER EXCITED about it. Husband wrote a post about it HERE

4) 4th of July. We watched fireworks with friends along the river with front row seats to the action, I went fishing for the first time in my life (and subsequently caught a whole boatload [no pun intended] of pike and bass), Husband cleaned fish for the first time in his life, we had the most beautiful beach day with our awesome new SportBrella, we went and visited 3-week-old golden retriever puppies, and slept in and ate our weight in food basically every day for four days straight. It was fabulous. Husband wrote a huge photo-filled post about fireworks, fishing, and the beach HERE and about visiting the puppies HERE and about why we're even getting a puppy HERE.  

Taken from Autumn's blog

Taken from Husband's blog

Taken from Husband's blog

Taken from Husband's blog

5) PUPPIES. As in, WE ARE GETTING ONE! Hence, the previously mentioned puppy visit. Two weeks until we bring one home and we are RIDICULOUSLY excited about it! 

6) Summer schedule. IS FILLING UP AND GOING BY TOO FAST! We have so many more things planned and going on in the next month and a half of this break and I want to slow down time so we can really soak it all up. I love summer, especially in our great state where endless sandy beaches, sunny days and cool nights, ice cream shops, sunsets, and lots of walks and bike rides abound. 

I never want it to end.  

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