Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Hobbes Sleeps"

Welcome home, Hobbes! 

Last week Saturday, we made the one-hour drive to the breeder's home and picked up the fluffiest, fattest, most roly-poly pup of the litter. Seriously, this dude was definitely bigger than the rest of his siblings. While he was "last choice" of the males (there were only two and the people before us in the picking line chose the other boy), it didn't make any difference to us because we absolutely loved him as soon as he was in my arms. 

Husband wrote a whole post with photos HERE on his blog. 

As far as how the past five days acclimating to his new home have gone, Hobbes has been doing extremely well. He is starting to like his food (and therefore totally chows down when a bowl is set in front of him), is drinking water like a boss, hasn't had any accidents in the house (…yet…), and is getting more rambunctious and playful each day. 

I've started an album on my phone entitled, "Hobbes Sleeps" to document the strange contortions he molds himself into each time he naps. A few whole bunch of my favorites include:

Day 1: Sleeping during the car ride home (as you can see I'm mildly excited)

Day 1: Asleep on my in-laws' porch during his 1st visit

Day 1: So tired he fell asleep with his head wedged between his feeding tray and water bowl

Day 1: Fell asleep on me while we watched HIMYM

Day 1: Needed some alone time and obviously fell asleep

Day 2: Snoozing while shopping at Chow Hound

Day 2: A favorite sleeping position = on his back

Day 3: Not sleeping, but getting tired outside during a short walk. Look at the size comparison - the hydrant looks gigantic!

Day 3: Another "too tired to eat" shot 

Day  4: Appropriate namesake photo

Day 4: He looks like he's trying to escape from his crate but really he's just so tired he doesn't even care where his limbs are or what they're doing

I'm so happy we got this little bundle of fluff. While we enjoy the puppy phase immensely for the sheer cuteness factor, both Husband and I are looking forward to when he's more trainable and able to obey commands…and let's be honest - in control of his bowels, because running outside hoping he won't poo or pee inside really makes me anxious. 

Welcome to our little family, Hobster Lobster :) 


  1. Gosh he's sooo cute! My all time favorite picture is of him totally zonked out in among his food dishes! ADORABLE puppy! Naiya thinks so, too!

  2. How about an update on Hobbes?