Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nearly Halfway to the End!

Not much to report as of late other than the fact that it's been a month since I last wrote which means that I must be busy…

…which is very much true. 

I'm in the home stretch of finishing up this first half of the semester (!) which means I'm that much closer to being completely done with undergrad round two! There is still a boatload of things that lie between me and that wonderful, blessed, hard-earned Bachelor's of Science in Nursing degree, but at least it's very much on the horizon and within sight. 

Things like this help the time pass and remind me to keep going:

Husband brought this beautiful surprise home for me today after he got done with a shadowing experience and then took me for a coffee date to catch up (talking face-to-face for more than just a 5-minute span of time!) and do some non-academic pleasure reading for nearly two hours

It was absolutely glorious. 

The only reason this wonderful expanse of time together was possible was due to the fact that he just took an exam yesterday and hasn't been slammed with too much work yet. I'm not complaining at all, though - I will take whatever time I can get my hands on these days! 

This coming Friday marks the beginning of a fantastic thing at my school called Fall Break, during which students are free from classes starting on Friday evening through Wednesday morning of the following week. I'm planning on doing lots of sleeping in, wearing my pajamas all day, baking, brunching with friends, and of course working ahead on school stuff so I don't have an anxiety attack due to overwhelming stress in the coming weeks as I start my NIGHT-SHIFT internship. 

Aaaaand on that note, I shall leave you with this:


  1. You are so close! ...And those flowers are just beautiful!! :)

  2. Keep it going strong! And what a wonderful encouragement to come home to! Nice job :)