Sunday, September 8, 2013

Quarter Life Crisis

(totally not my cake but it does look pretty delish…)

I've officially entered my mid-20s, which puts me one step closer to being 50.

(Thanks, Husband, for informing me of this as soon as I woke up this morning)

Although he made up for it with a lovely breakfast in bed:

(obviously I chowed down as soon as it was in front of me…those cheesy eggs and buttered toast sure were scrumptious)

Yesterday (Saturday) we walked to and late-lunched (3pm) at one of my favorite restaurants in our city and splurged on a tasty scallion-cream cheese-butternut squash-caramelized onion-pastry appetizer, gigantic sandwiches (tuna pasta salad sandwich - what the carb?), and seasoned warm potatoes AND topped it off with the most delicious carrot cake to go (which we enjoyed later that evening with cold glasses of milk and an episode of our latest Netflix find). 

Today (Sunday) we headed out in the morning to try a new church in the area, Tropical Smoothie for a free (!) Kiwi Quencher (my fave, btw), World Market for a little shopping spree courtesy of Husband, homeworking at home (major womp womp…had to happen at some point), froyo with my side of the family, and a nice long walk with Hobbes. 

All in all, a wonderfully relaxing way to spend my birthday weekend. 

PLUS, my main birthday present from Husband was a ticket for a front row center seat to see my favorite musical artist perform live later in October. Cannot even handle my excitement!

I'll leave you with this very precious photo of my nephew trying to steal some froyo: 

The determination! 

Now if only I could channel some of that to finish up the rest of this studying / homework I've neglected all weekend long... 

Oh, and what's my quarter life crisis, you may ask?
Nursing school. 

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