Saturday, November 3, 2012

Grey Guy & His Stache...

Also known as "Charcoal Man"

This is what happens when:

a) One of your wife's favorite colors is charcoal grey
b) The majority of your clothes shopping is done by your wife
c) Your wife tries to help you out by packing your suitcase for the weekend and doesn't realize you've already put a few things in there, including grey sweatpants….

Maaaaaayyyyybe I should start incorporating other colors into Husband's wardrobe…

Also, if you happen to notice Husband's newly sported 'stache, please know that he's not trying to hop on board with the hipster trend (though I wouldn't be opposed…cardigans, slight v-necks, Rayban-like glasses, and bow ties? I'm a fan…). He's actually promoting movember, which is a campaign to promote prostate cancer awareness. You can read all about his decision to do this here and can support his med school's team by making a donation here

In other news, last night I put the flannel sheets on our bed for the first time since February. 
Winter is coming, everyone. 
…which means I better get my tush in gear and get that AWD/4WD asap! We called two dealerships and stopped at one on our way back from picking Husband up to bring him back home for the weekend to inquire about Honda Elements and I KID YOU NOT ALL THREE POSSIBILITIES HAD BEEN SOLD THAT DAY. What are the odds?!
Aaaaaand the search continues…

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