Sunday, November 18, 2012

Saturday in Chicago!

After a looooooong week, some friends and I hopped on a motor coach for a fun day in Chicago sponsored by our school. For only $5, we got a roundtrip bus ride to the windy city! We left around 9:30am on Saturday and it took us about two and a half hours to get there. I always forget how close we really are to Chicago and I wonder why I don't get there more often…

Once we arrived, my friends and I set off to accomplish everything on our check list, which included the following:

- Get some yummy drinks from Argo Tea - this stuff is seriously the best - why  oh WHY do we not have one in Michigan?!
- Look at all the windows outside of Marshall Fields (it will never be Macy's in our minds)
- See the Walnut Room with the gigantic tree
- Hit up H&M
- Eat some cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory
- See Millennium Park - the bean, ice skating rink, etc. 
- Find Picasso's sculpture
- Get more yummy Argo Tea (round two!) for the ride back home

We managed to do everything plus a bunch in between, some of which consisted of:

- Stopping in other stores (including TRADER JOE'S! My love affair continues…)
- Waiting for at least 30-45 minutes in Noodles & Co. for our food - took FOREVER! Not only was it ridiculously busy for 3pm in the afternoon(!) but they messed up my order three times.
- Watching some street performers and waiting to see their routine only to realize ten minutes had passed and all they were really doing was trying to get everyone to give them money

And now for pictures of the day, meh-quality courtesy of my iPhone: 

So. ridiculously. excited. ARGO TEA!
Behold, the white chocolate frostea. I had it last year when I went to Chicago and LOVED it. I was so happy to find out they had it again!
The three of us in front of the gigantor tree in the Walnut Room - way to close your eyes there, Morgs...
On the north side of the Michigan Ave bridge over the Chicago River
I love these girls!

Aaaaaaand of course some typical self-portrait bean pictures:

It was such a fun day! I think we were all in agreement that it was way better than studying or doing homework :) We're hoping to go back again soon on our own for another escape from school…Maybe winter break, guys?

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