Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hello again...and Labor Day Legacy continues...

I know I know I know.

Documentation of this summer was at an absolute ZERO on the priority list. Therefore, hardly much of anything was put down in writing and I know I'm going to completely regret it years from now when I want to look back and remember what the heck we did with Husband's very last summer of freedom. He did a much better job keeping up over the past couple of months between talking about 4th of July, bringing Hobbes home, Hobbes having worms (GROSS), and his weird GI hospitalization BUT we both glossed over writing about camping with friends (thankfully Jamie wrote a post), Husband going out to Maryland to visit his niece, and taking a spontaneous road trip to Colorado to finish up the summer scratch that. He wrote a post HERE chock full of photos from the road trip! 


School is now officially back in session and you know what that means - routine.
And we all know I thrive on routine. 
In fact, I think I've written before about how bad I am with keeping up with blogging when I have free time and strangely conversely do pretty well when I'm tackling a big schedule of things lined up. I'm fairly certain that just confirms my alleged type A personality. 


I figured Labor Day weekend would be a good way to ease back into the blogging bug, considering I am now in my 8th year of the "Labor Day Legacy" - meaning, I won't have Labor Day (tomorrow) off for the 8th year in a row. Yowza. 

Thankfully the start of the school year hasn't been too painful. Over the summer I adjusted my sleep schedule to include earlier bedtimes to evoke earlier waking times. Although the majority of my classes don't even start until noon, I'm hoping that getting up earlier and exercising will motivate me to start studying and homeworking in the mornings rather than feeling rushed later in the evenings and nights. While the classes themselves are going to be the most difficult I've encountered yet in nursing, for the first time in my seven (!) years of undergrad, I will not be working while in school. I think having only school to focus on will help me feel less anxious about having enough time to fit everything in and get it all done. I'm so thankful to not have to work!

Yesterday, in celebration of it being the first weekend of the school year (i.e. no copious amounts of studying/homeworking to do), I was able to go over to a friend's house for a lovely day on the lake. We ate to our heart's content, floated on a tube with sangria in hand for a couple of hours, rode the jet ski until our bodies were sore and heads were spinning, watched our puppies play together, got cozy for a night in of Great Gatsby, and had wonderful conversation throughout the entire day.  She snapped a shot of Hobbes on the deck behaving himself (and looking so much older!): 

Today it's back to reality and getting my behind in gear for this week. Husband sadly stayed home yesterday to work on school stuff (his second year of med school is now a week underway, too) and today we are both sitting in our study room chained to laptops and books (and iPad, in his case). Coffee pot is full for endless supply, Hobbes has multiple toys to keep him occupied, and we are ready.


Here's to the start of my LAST (…and most challenging…) semester of nursing school!
Wish me luck.

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