Saturday, October 13, 2012

A good reminder

A fantastic weekend!

I think Husband I finally hit a wall this week with how little time we've had just the two of us alone. We decided that once I arrived in town on Friday the rest of the day would be spent completely school-free. COMPLETELY. SCHOOL. FREE. 

No studying.
No reviewing.
No homeworking.

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We went out to this middle eastern restaurant I've been dying to go to for quite a while now. It's known for having a hugely long wait time (because it's just that good!), so we decided to go old-man style and dine in before 6pm. Even though we arrived about quarter until 6, the wait was still a half hour. Not too bad in comparison to what it was once we sat down (an hour to an hour and a half!). It was so nice to hold hands, sit on the bench together as we waited, and not talk about anything related to med school or nursing school. It was like we were a real, normal, everyday married couple who live together and go out to dinner on a Friday night together like it's no big deal again. We took our sweet time at our little table, catching up, munching, and laughing. Then we headed back to his place to snuggle up in comfy clothes on the couch, watch some Netflix, and play Boggle. Pretty crazy. I know, we're party animals. But no really, it was the best thing ever. 

Today we slept in (which was amazing since I still haven't completely gotten over the insomnia that struck me once Husband moved out in August) and had a slow morning enjoying a big breakfast and getting ready to head to the med school for some studying. We stopped at a brand spankin' new stand-alone Tim Horton's that literally opened its doors four days ago to grab coffees and is less than a mile from where Husband lives (new favorite coffee place, perhaps?) and THEN got the best (free) parking spot incredibly close to the med school (…we refuse to pay to park in the med school's ramp, okay?). We stayed for about six and a half hours or so, which actually seemed to fly by - that's what you get for being so engrossed in pathophysiology, I guess. Then we packed up and headed to the house of one of Justin's professors for dinner, which was also a nice break from studying and homeworking! After a few hours, we decided to forgo more time at the med school and instead headed back to Husband's place to finish up studying for the night. 

Tomorrow I'll stay in town through the afternoon sometime and then head back to the apartment. It's so (so!) difficult being away and separated, but this weekend was truly a rejuvenator of our spirits. Without even trying or acknowledging that it's happening, I think we frequently get so wrapped up in our studies and trying to shove all this knowledge in our brains that we lose sight of needing time for the two of us totally and completely removed from school. This weekend was a good reminder that much like we need breaks while we study, we also need breaks from school altogether to focus on ourselves and our relationship as a couple. 

A random, old photo that I love of the two of us while we were dating, when we had all the time in the world to be together and long before we knew we would be where we are today:

I love you, Husband! Thanks for a great weekend :)

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