Sunday, January 13, 2013

1st Weekend of the Semester

Well, Husband and I survived the first week of this semester…and I barely made it. 

The fact that Husband was coming to town on Friday as soon as I was out of class that afternoon was pretty much the only thing that kept me going this week. I'm not sure what is going on with me, but I have zero motivation so far this semester. Usually, I'm all fired up for the next four months or so, ready to tackle my classes and get a jump start on all the studying and homework. However, if anything, I've had this dragging feeling, like I'm just barely pulling myself along. I'm hoping this is just an acclimation period to the new school schedule, because if this feeling keeps going, I'm going to find myself in big trouble when deadlines start creeping up (which really is already this week with quizzes and other various assignments due…eek). 

On Friday we got Chinese takeout and spent the evening relaxing on the couch watching the two available episodes of season 3 of my current favorite television series on iTunes. I actually bought the "season pass" so I'll get notifications when the episodes are available AND get access to the last five episodes of the season a full three weeks early than the release date. Nerd? Yes. No shame

We slept in on Saturday and ate a homemade breakfast of waffles and eggs and juice, just like we used to do nearly every morning this past summer. While the majority of the afternoon and evening was spent in the study nook, it was so nice just to have Husband be present, sitting across the table from me, available to talk face-to-face and grab a quick hug or kiss here and there. 

On Sunday, we went to church in the morning. Between our vacation, the holidays, and being out of town, it had actually been quite a while since we'd been able to worship with our church family and it was very refreshing to be at our home church and catch up with people after the service. Once we got home, we ate lunch and I did some chores around the apartment and then we ended up taking a two hour nap. It was both irresponsible and glorious at the same time! Sadly, after we woke up and ate some dinner, Husband had to leave and our weekend together was over. 


Only 106 days until the end of the semester…but who's counting? 


  1. Now following and so happy to "meet"! I hope you'll link up with us for Medical Monday next month!
    I'll be reading up on your blog!
    Happy studying... it will go by quickly. :)

  2. Sorry we weren't there to catch up on Sunday! I'm glad you two had some time together this weekend, though!
    ps - I miss seeing you. :)

    1. I miss seeing you, too! Hopefully we can catch up soon!