Wednesday, January 2, 2013 update post! And more to come...

Uhh…sorry for the silence over here…

I definitely did not intend to completely ignore the blog during holiday break. 
It just sort of happened

BUT school starts back up again next week (insert cries of agony and revulsion) so I figured I better get my tush back in gear and update with a recap of break before it's all said and done. 

In a nutshell?
- Exams
- Vacation
- Christmas celebrations
- New Year's
- Week of catching up

However, there is so much more to it all than that. Due to the lengthy and detailed descriptions I plan to write about each topic, I think I'll break it up into a few separate posts to be written over the course of the next few days…

I'll start with exams:

Going crazy...I believe the text I wrote to Husband when I sent him this was, "Filling my stomach...and my brain...yikes"

Exam week really threw me off. At the beginning of the year, I was originally scheduled to have three exams - one on Monday, another on Tuesday, and the last of them on Wednesday. Perfect, right? Well, it all changed when a new schedule was released with my Tuesday exam moved to Friday. The last day of exam week. Meaning I had to push back the start of break from Wednesday to Friday. Meaning I would miss out on two more days of break. Now, I realize that to most people this doesn't seem like a very big deal, but to a student who has been counting down the days to break since basically the start of the semester, it was true heartbreak. Not to mention Husband's last exam was on Thursday morning so really it pushed back the start of break for the both of us together by a day. However, cries of agony and sobbing aside, I sallied forth and tackled each exam with what little strength and shreds of knowledge I had and finished the semester crawling to the finish line. Seriously. I was so out of it by the time I slapped Friday's completed exam in my professor's hand and I skipped out of the lecture hall that I nearly fell over out of pure exhaustion on my walk home. 

Selfishly, since Husband was scheduled to complete all of his exams a good 24 hours before me, I had requested he not call except to say goodnight so as not to break my productivity streak during the final hours of studying for my last exam. You can imagine the unadulterated joy I expressed as I nearly screamed into the phone on Friday exclaiming my excitement over FINALLY being done with the semester and that we could thus begin our break of three whole weeks together. At that, Husband packed up and headed home for our much-needed-and-anticipated break that would be uninterrupted by anything academic-related. 

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