Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Life of a Nursing Student.

I just have to display how much it takes to complete a single nursing assignment.

Yes, it is just me in this "group" study room in the library. 

This is all thanks to a particular assignment called the Nursing Process Worksheet (affectionately known as the NPW). 

The NPW is a complete workup and analysis of a single patient. It includes diagnosis with clinical manifestations, patient presenting signs and symptoms, lab work and diagnostic test results, a care plan, discharge information, and a whole host of other components that require extreme preparation and work to reach completion. 

Hence, the hoard of books and binders (and a packed lunch, since I'll be in here for quite a while...) taking up an entire table intended for use by four separate persons. 

So go out there and give a BSN-prepared nurse a pat on the back. 
Because this is what we endure for four years so we can eventually take care of people!

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  1. Huge pat on the back! I remember those days. You can do it!