Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nursing school snow day & a burning home.

I thought I was done with snow days when I graduated from high school.

Then during my freshman year of college, my school shut down for one day for the first time in decades due to a total white-out blizzard (I think the only class I missed that day was one 50-minute Spanish V lecture…not too exciting). 

After I graduated from college, heading toward a career in social work, I was sure I was done with snow days.

Then during the year I decided to go back to college for my bachelor's in nursing, my school shut down once again for one day in January due to a dumping of a couple of feet of snow overnight (and I happily skipped my 2-hour microbiology lab!). 

After that, surely I was done with snow days.
I was very wrong. 

Today I received a most wonderful text at 5:58am from my nursing professor announcing that clinicals were cancelled for the day and to stay safe and warm. 


So what did I do? 
Satisfyingly fell back asleep and didn't wake up again until 8:45am.
Then, because I'm Monica, I got up and cleaned around Husband's place for a couple of hours. 
After that I packed up my school stuff and headed over to Tim Horton's down the street to consume lots of hot coffee and do some studying and homework for a few hours since Husband made me promise him I wouldn't attempt to drive back until the afternoon when the roads have been thoroughly plowed, salted, and warmed by other cars. 

Soooo, I've officially used up all my snow days as an adult by now, right?
We'll see. 


Also, a house across the street from where my sister, brother-in-law, their three kids, and Husband live caught fire and the entire back half burned down today. Husband wrote about it and posted some photos and videos of it happening here on his blog. Very scary. Keep the family who lived in that home in your thoughts and prayers. 

Also, it's incredibly cold here in the midwest (namely the west side of Michigan along the lakeshore) so whoever is experiencing this chill, stay safe and stay warm!

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  1. Snow days are awesome!! Be glad you can remember when your last one was!