Sunday, January 27, 2013

One day I will remember these things.

I've noticed a trend in me always writing on / about the weekends… I'm pretty sure the only reason is because that's when I have time to take photos and sit down and write about what's been going on. However, the posts are mostly recaps of how I saw Husband and what we did and how much we studied and so on and so forth. 

The original point of the blog was to write about daily life as a way for Husband to stay updated on the details of weekdays, which is when we have limited communication. 

But that's not really what's been happening. 
And I'm okay with it.
So I hope whoever reads this is, too. 

Because I'm okay with at least documenting what I can. I mean, Husband and I have gone back through his blog looking at old entries and it's really fun and interesting to look back on memories and certain times in our life together. I hope we do the same with this blog once we're living together again and remember to never take our time together for granted.

The weekend:

On Friday there was this craaaaaazy blizzard that I braved during rush hour. What normally takes me about 45 minutes on a good day to get from our apartment to Husband took me about an hour and a half. At one point, I was going 5 mph just to merge onto the expressway because everyone was just crawling. Visibility was shot, the ground was completely covered in snow and slush and forming ice… I would have turned back but I was so determined to see Husband that I just gripped the steering wheel for dear life, prayed for safety a million times over, and went suuuuuuper slowly the whole way, keeping what seemed like a quarter mile between me and the car in front of me at all times. 

When I got to Husband, we changed our plans from going out for dinner to ordering in. We changed into comfy clothes and watched some House (how appropriate for us, right?) while we relaxed together. A low-key night, but as I've always mentioned, I do tend to enjoy more low-key things anyway so I was okay with it. 

Saturday morning we woke up and immediately headed over the med school to do some studying. Once the afternoon came around, I decided to go back home to get some things around the apartment done and crack down on studying since I have two exams coming up this week. It was hard to say goodbye to Husband, but I brushed aside my sadness and trudged home. 

It wasn't until later that night that I started really having a hard time. I don't know why it sometimes still affects me so much (especially because it's not like we're really far from each other), but the distance just really discouraged me. I tearfully called Husband to talk, and after some discussion, he decided to drive over. What a guy. 

Although our time together was short, I was able to rest easy and calm my nerves. Even the small act of just falling asleep and waking up next to the one you love is something so huge when you don't have it every day. 

Side note: I give military spouses so much credit. I have no idea how they can bear the separation. Amy, whose blog I read regularly, has written about it on several occasions, so I've gotten a glimpse into that type of living but I can't really understand because I don't experience it firsthand. I mean, Husband and I are apart five of the seven days of the week on a regular basis, but at least we get those other two days / nights. Also, when we need it, he or I can make the trek to see each other. Military couples don't get that. In fact, military spouses are constantly terrified for their spouses' lives when they're apart. Like I said, I give them so much credit. 

So that was our weekend. 

When I someday go back through these posts, when Husband and I are living under the same roof together once again, I will remember that horrible feeling. 
I will remember how I felt like I would give anything in the world to just be with Husband. 
I will remember saying to him how we will never, ever do this ever again if we can help it. 
I will remember to be grateful for our time together. 

I love and miss you, Husband.


  1. I totally commend you guys. Med school is tough to handle even when you live under the same roof, so mad props to you two. So sweet of him to drive over to see you.. good luck on your exams :)

  2. You are a phenomenal couple! My prayers are with you and I hope things can come together soon for you both!