Saturday, September 1, 2012


Aaaaand first blog post is a go!

Here I sit, the first Friday of the first week of school...which just also happens to be the Friday before Labor Day weekend...
...doing homework!
Yeah, I'm just really that cool a dedicated student.

It's actually kind of funny, considering the fact that even though we're miles apart, Husband just wrote about doing the same thing. Even more funnily (yeah, that's a word!), last night when we were having our nightly catch-up talk, I was explaining frustration over not quite understanding a pathophysiology assignment regarding the carbonic acid-bicarbonate buffer system in the body. Turns out he JUST reviewed that earlier in the day during one of his lectures and he was able to fully explain everything to me in great detail. Again, even though we're miles apart from each other, we're strangely doing very similar things.

It's been a very long first week of classes but luckily I'm no longer battling the extreme aversion to any sort of academic motivation that I was experiencing for the first two days. I am officially now in school mode, with my assignments written neatly and color-coded in my planner and my new backpack fully stocked with anything and everything I'll ever need to prepare me for class. I say new because I had to retire my trusty Timbuk2 messenger bag and invest in a roomier and more comfortable school bag. While last year I managed to have all my textbooks in e-book form on my iPad, this year I went old school and am now hauling around (but satisfyingly flipping pages through) physical textbooks. 

Its fun purple color (excuse the blueness of the photo) is totally the cherry on top:

Oh, and did I mention that Husband's backpack is the same brand?


  1. Hooray! Welcome back to the blogging world! Cool new design :)

  2. OMG, I was studying the carbonic acid-bicarbonate buffer system in the weee hours of the morning at work last night!!! And I don't get it again! I will have to call you or Justin apparently. But yes, Pathophys may be even worse the second time around in grad school (or at least the first week where we cover silly things like buffers and cells and electrolytes) because it comes in the form of a lecture lasting 3 hours long. Oh man. PS: we NEEEED to catch up missy.

    1. Bahaha please don't call me because I won't be any help. Justin, the med student, is wayyyyy more qualified to do that! We DO need to talk and catch up ASAP - it's totally my fault that we haven't! Things have been so ridiculously busy with school but I miss you lots and can carve out time!!