Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In-Person Tuesdays

*Note: Please do not ask me where I am for clinical or what rotations I'm doing or really anything else about where I am in school. I had yet another HIPAA drilling the other day that scared the pants off me, so I'm going to be extra super really really REALLY careful about what I say / write / communicate to others.

Moving on…

First round of clinicals on the patient floor for this fall…DONE.

Since we didn't have to be in the hospital yesterday, I spend the night at "my" apartment as usual and drove to clinical eeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrllllllyyyyy (I woke up at 4:45am and was on the road by 5:50am…) this morning. Since Mondays are 1-7:30pm and Tuesdays are 6:45am-2:30pm, I plan on spending the night with Husband since he lives about a five minute drive from the hospital where I have my clinical so I can 1) see and talk to him in person (Yay! Face Time is great and all, but there's nothing like talking face-to-face in person) and 2) get more sleep that night and stay in the same city as the hospital without having to lose valuable time for studying / sleeping.

However, Husband does get out of his last Tuesday class by 3pm, so on these days after clinical I'm planning on sticking around town for a few hours afterward just for some more face-to-face time, even if it is in the form of this view:

A quick kiss and hello.
Few minutes for me to tell him my excitement about my clinical.
Minimal talking.
My nose in books, his in his iPad and computer. 
Not much, but I'm just glad to see him in person :)


  1. That's sooooooooo sweet and a super attitude!

  2. It's the little things! Yay for face-to-face. I'm probably not going to see my husband's face until Saturday around midnight....and we DO live in the same dwelling!

    (And I understand the anonymity thing - so don't feel like you're crazy!)