Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tucks & Flops

One of the many weird little factoids about me is that I don't like tucking my tops into my bottoms unless it involves skirts. I've tried many times to tuck shirts into jeans or shorts but I always feel like it looks ridiculous and not at all flattering on me. The ONE outfit in history I've achieved this was with a pair of high-waisted khaki shorts from Kohl's that just scream for a good top-tucking along with a racerback black tank from Gap Outlet that is not too tight but not too loose. I'm not sure why I don't feel as silly when it comes to skirts - maybe it's because I usually add a gigantor belt and it doesn't feel so obvious that I've tucked in my shirt? I don't know. This probably sounds like the stupidest topic EVER to everyone else, but for my own personal sake, I wanted to document my most recent achievement in this area: today's outfit to church. This is my blog, after all…

Behold, a top tucked into jeans:

Also, here's a picture of my favorite first-year medical student:

He got up from our study table, walked over to the couch, and just flopped. I don't know how long he intends to stay in this position, but I dare not disturb him...

Hooray for being back in school!