Monday, September 24, 2012

Return and Update

A summary of life as of late:

Clockwise starting from upper left:

1) Husband texted me this photo he snapped the day he had to do a patient-simulated interview. I always love when he gets dressed up and I just think he's especially cute in that very official white coat. I was having a rough day of feeling unconfident about my academic abilities to conquer exams, but seeing this definitely made the day better.

2) On the morning of the last day of the week of exam chaos, I stopped by my favorite restaurants/bakeries downtown and got a froofy coffee to go. I was pleasantly surprised to see this unique little lid protector. Seriously made me love the place even more.

3) It was live mannequin night downtown on Friday so one of my co-workers and I were volunteered to sit in the storefront window for 1.5 hours…completely still. No movement. At all. Couple this with extreme sleep deprivation thanks to the chaotic week along with a pre-event celebratory drink with my co-worker and you've got a very, very entertaining show of me trying to keep it together while being stared at by passersby…

4) Countdown to our Christmas break trip! We've been saving up for years to be able to do this, and after our first semester of living apart (and the beginning of the much-dreaded Michigan winter) I think we'll be a little more than ready to spend some quality time together in tropical paradise :)

And then during church today I just had to capture some shots of Husband holding our friends' sweet baby boy (Husband actually snapped the one of the right - hence the different view). He was a bit fussy at the start, but Husband was determined to calm him down. And once he did, the kid was out. We stifled our laughter as he had some #2 issues going on (…during the quietest part of the service, I tell you…) and he woke up here and there to check out the surrounding environment, but for the majority of the time he stayed lying on his back in Husband's lap. I'm not even going to begin to tell you how much he cried when I tried holding him last time Jamie and I hung out… Maybe Husband is the baby whisperer and I'll have smooth sailing with our own offspring?

And as promised, I will be posting the recipe for pumpkin snickerdoodles at some point in the next couple of days - maybe tomorrow? 
Hang tight! 

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