Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Frumpy Feelings

Frump girl days.
We all have 'em, right?

I woke up this morning a bit later (…try an hour…) than anticipated, about 45 minutes before I was scheduled to meet with the professor for whom I do research. Normally, I prefer to wake up early and get a workout in before showering and starting my day. However, due to an unexpected late night of homeworking, I went to bed later and thus woke up later, throwing my whole schedule off. I sat at the table eating breakfast, pondering my choices to either just take a shower and get ready for the day or hold off on a shower and wait until after I work out (whenever that may be…). While I realize that for hygienic reasons I probably should have gone with the former, I was feeling more than a bit lazy (I don't have to go anywhere super important today, who cares if I'm a bit stale? My husband lives in another city - no need to impress anyone!) and chose to forgo the bathing and instead throw on some comfortable clothes and cover up my less-than-fresh hair with a baseball hat. Fashionable, I know. 

While I felt somewhat frumpy, I know that this sort of outfit is exactly the sort of thing Husband loves to see me pull from my wardrobe. When we were dating, he said he'd rather see me makeup-free and in sweatpants and a big ol' sweatshirt than fancied up with make up and in heels and dresses any day. In fact, he later admitted that when I wore the slightest of lip tint and gloss on our wedding day, he had a mild panic attack about having to kiss me with it on. Seriously, the man hates lip goop (or really any sort of goop, for that matter - lotions, sunscreen, hairspray, perfume / cologne…you name it). Needless to say, I've been chapstick-and-lip-gloss-free for about three and a half years now. 

Anyway, here are a couple of low-quality, unedited, slightly-janky iPhone photos for you, Husband! Hope you enjoyed my outfit today :)

I should really learn how to take photos of myself better… Oh well, at least I didn't get photobombed by some creeper or anything (especially #15!).